Sunday, February 14, 2010

What is the story?

It realy began in 1391, when a frenzied crowd stormed Santa Cruz and slaughterd 4000 of the 5000 jews and moslims living there in harmony together. This crowd was incited by the grand inquisitor Ferrand Martinez, who  campainged for years to make Spain catholic, claiming that the jews "…have killed God and use blood from christian baby's to prepeare matsez".
Almost a hunderd years later, 1480, king Ferdinand and queen Isabella appointed new inqusitors for Sevilla.

With the massacre of 1391 in mind some of the jews in Santa Cruz armed themselfs en made plans to retaliate that horrible event, among them Diego Ben Suson, a wealthy jewish banker. Ben Suson had a beautiful daughter, Suson. She was known in Sevilla as 'the beautiful bitch', because she was presumptuous and arrogant. She had a secret affaire with a christian nobelman and hoped by marring him that she would gaine prestige.

It's now februari 1481. She overheard her father and brothers making plans to eliminate some christians. A horrifing thought came to her mind: by this killing her change to marry her lover would be eliminated, her better future would be lost. She betrayed her father and brothers and told her lover and he notified the authorities. The authorities arrested Diego and his sons. They where judged and executed.
The stories differ here. Some say the were hung to be left at the gallow for a year, others say the inquistion converted them - under torture  - and the put them on a stake, which was costum.

Suson realising what the consequence of her treason was converted herself to christianity and went into a convent for years. She orderd that after she died her head would  be nailed on the door of her house at the Calle Muerte to warn the youth for vainity.  And so it happend.
Her head remained on the door far into the 16th century. When it was finaly removed a ceramique tile was with the painting of a skul and her name was placed on the fa├žade of the hous.
It's still there

Getting started …

… with a new blog. Not just because, but to get my work out there.
Today I finished the first two pages of 'Legends of Seville' [Leyenda de Sevilla].
I start to write in Dutch and have it translated by native speakers.
Susona is a very dramatic story from 1481, with a lot of 'Romeo and Juliet' in it.
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