Monday, May 10, 2010

Don't put your bets on one horse

Although I'm still searching for her biografie [Kiek in die Welt, Berlijn 1933, Union] I have started with 'sketches' for the novel about the Trip Marga von Etzdorf made in 1931. So I'm not only bussy with 'Pedro el Cruel' or 'Madame Butterfly'. The risk is, that none of hese will ever finish.
The number of Junker A 50 juniors I have drawn is countless, but I'm still not satidfied. The corrugated duralumin is typical, but hard to express in my style.
Landscapes not so difficult. During the long hours of flight Marga von Etzdorf red German poets like Heinrich Heine or Joseph Eichendorff: