Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finishing touch going on

I didn't like the stake at page 4. So I used most of my saterday to find out how to improve that.  It wasn't wasted time in my opinion. Now I'm content. If I only take my time …

Annoying details

Now that the story is complete, I start to look at it very carefully. I notice annoying litlle things.

For example the hair of the lover on page two is just bad drawing. Besides that is the key moment of the story, the treason of Suson. And that moment is a small drawing in the corner of the page.
I redraw the hair and rearrange the page totaly, even the text.
Now I'm more content, now it's a more dramatic lay out.
Ofcourse I have to look at other pages aswell. The kiss on page one … not good. The fire and smok on page four dito.